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Tooth Fillings Melbourne

We believe that mercury tooth fillings are a thing of the past. Not only is there some controversy about ongoing risks related to the release of toxins from mercury tooth fillings in the mouth but also the risk of tooth fracture due to presence of mercury tooth fillings.

Modern dentistry provides many better alternatives that preserve more natural tooth structure. We have a range of tooth fillings in Melbourne available:

Plastic Composite Tooth Fillings Melbourne

They are placed directly into the cavity and set in the mouth. They are:

  • Tooth coloured
  • cost effective
  • ideal for small cavities

However, plastic tooth fillings in larger cavities are prone to:

  • wear
  • chipping
  • staining and deacy

This leads to the need for more frequent repair and replacement. This in turn causes removal of more tooth structure everytime a tooth filling is redone, leaving a weaker underlying tooth that is prone to fracture due to biting pressure.

Ceramic & Porcelain Tooth Fillings Melbourne

Dental porcelain is tooth coloured and is similar to tooth enamel:

  • They are custom made in the dental laboratory to fit to each cavity and tooth
  • Strengthens the tooth when bonded to the tooth rather than traditional fillings that weaken the underlying tooth.
  • More decay resistant and durable allowing it to last about three times as long as a traditional filling.
  • Provides longevity to the tooth and prevents tooth nerve problems and tooth loss.

When the cavity is large or the tooth is weak it has superior properties over that of a large directly placed plastic tooth filling. How do I know what is the right filling type for me? Our dentists will inform you of different options to restore your tooth and relieve dental pain:

  • Depending on the size of cavity
  • Amount of remaining tooth
  • Biting pressure on the tooth
  • Your budget and lifestyle
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