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Tooth replacement

With modern dentistry there are so many options for replacement of missing teeth. We offer all options ranging from

traditional options such as Dentures and Dental bridges

To the latest options such as Dental implants and All on 4 solutions.

How do I know which option is the best for me? Everyone’s mouth is unique so are their wants, needs and budget.

At Mulgrave dental group our experienced dentists will spend time with you to first understand what your needs and requirements are both for now and in the years to come. They will also perform a comprehensive examination to check for the suitability of each option to your mouth.

We will then discuss in easy to understand language of some suitable options, costs and pros and cons of the different options.

Whichever option you choose, be assured that we will focus taking the time and effort to achieve superior quality and precision to ensure longevity and comfort for you.

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