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Anxious? Try sleep dentistry at Mulgrave Dental Group Melbourne!

Getting dental work done can be a not-so-nice experience for some patients. As such, you might find yourself quite anxious each time you want to make an appointment with your dentist. Fortunately, our setup here in Melbourne is quite different and unique. Mulgrave Dental Group is focused on providing an environment where you will feel relaxed from the time you enter our reception and waiting area.

Our highly experienced and compassionate dentists deliver the best service, and they will ensure you have the most comfortable and relaxing dental experience ever. You will benefit from general anaesthetics during your treatment. This means you won’t feel any pain, anxiety, or discomfort from start to finish.

A different kind of dental office

Our dental treatments are done using state of the art technology. We understand how to deliver the best patient care, and our team of dentists is the most gentle you’ll ever come across. Our talented staff will also ensure that all your questions are answered and that all your concerns are considered. Our treatments are bespoke to your oral health needs and aspirations.

When you visit us, you will enjoy the benefit of receiving treatment from the best dental and medical specialists who have extensive experience in general anaesthetics and sleep dentistry. We strive to give you the kind of care and compassion you can expect from your loved ones. Therefore, all our services are offered with the same measure of excellence and love that we show for our own families.

Is sleep dentistry for me?

If you fear or have anxiety about dental treatments, then sleep dentistry is perfect for you. It’s also ideal for people with:

  • Low pain threshold
  • Highly sensitive teeth
  • Bad gag reflex,
  • Candidates for complex dental treatments.

f this sounds like you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Call us on (03) 9562 5156 to book your consultation.

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Choose Sleep Dentistry in Melbourne

A lot of our patients who opt for sleep dentistry have either had a bad experience with previous dental visits, dental anxiety or have dental phobias. No matter the reason, as long as you are a fit candidate for sleep dental treatment, our dentists will ensure that you receive the best care possible under general anaesthetics.

Our surgical centre team comprises experienced sleep dentists and specialist anaesthetists. This enables us to carry out the safest sedation of different levels.

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At Mulgrave Dental Group you are our focus. Here at Mulgrave Dental Group you will experience modern dentistry along with exceptional customer service in a warm relaxed atmosphere. We have collectively well over 50 years of experience in children's dentistry, general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

‏What to expect at our sleep dentistry in Melbourne‏?

Our dental procedures often begin with a look at a patient’s medical history. This helps us to ensure that you are a safe candidate for IV sedation and general anaesthesia. For instance, some pre-existing medical conditions like heart disease can make it a challenge for us to administer a general anaesthetic to make you sleep.

Once we are done with your medical history, our friendly team of dentists and specialist anaesthetist will perform a general medical exam. When all the necessary preparations have been done, you can then proceed to the treatment room, where you will be sedated before you are hooked to some happy gas to make you sleep.


Will I be safe?

Your safety is our main priority. We understand that while anaesthesia is generally safe, it must be applied by a team of experienced practitioners. As such, here in Melbourne, we have our specialist anaesthetists who will ensure that your treatment is as smooth and safe as possible.

Single visit treatment

We want your visit to our sedation dentistry office to be as brief and comfortable as possible. Therefore, we try to ensure that most dentistry treatments and dental procedures are completed in a single visit. This way, we can make sure that your dental experience doesn’t become part of your bad memories but rather a pleasant and comforting visit.

As a sleep dentistry centre, we can safely take care of your entire family’s oral care needs. Remember, our doors are always open to new patients. Get in touch with our office today to arrange an appointment for a comforting dental experience.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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Payment plans

Mulgrave Dental Group accepts various methods of payments and interest-free payment plan options.

We accept AfterPay, Zip, and Humm payment plans. The ATO now accepts early super release for medical treatments or expenses if you meet the eligibility criteria. Should you wish to obtain more information about this process please call us on (03) 9562 5156 to discuss further.

Mulgrave Dental Group is located only 20 minutes from Melbourne CBS. By car take the Monash Freeway - Wellington Road exist both south bound and north bound. We are located at 47 Wanda Street, Mulgrave 3170 Victoria.