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Children Dentistry

At Mulgrave Dental group we love treating children of all ages and go that extra mile to make our surgery family friendly and safe. We employ the “tell, show, do” technique which is widely recognised by the Australian paediatric association as the preferred method to introduce children to dental care. We use child friendly language, stories, songs and props to engage the child and keep the experience fun and relaxing.
We understand Young children can sometimes be a little overwhelmed and scared visiting the dental surgery, meeting the dental team or undergoing dental procedures.
Our experienced team works closely with you and your child to ensure a positive dental experience each time they visit. Your first visit The ADA advises starting the first dental visit as early as 12 to 18 months of age and continued preventative maintenance every 6 months.

  • This develops familiarity of the dental office and sounds.
  • Develops an early positive, trusting relationship between the dentist and child.
  • Helps us provide early detection and treatment to prevent major problems.

Our friendly team will welcome your family to our surgery and the dentist will discuss your child’s needs with you in detail.
At each visit we look at

  1. Any medical needs of the child.
  2. Growth and development of bite, jaws, and crowding.
  3. Check for cavities, gum conditions.
  4. Discuss oral hygiene and diet that is relevant to your child.
  5. Check for tongue position, breathing and other habits that can have a negative impact on future oral health.

Why do I need to have my child’s teeth regularly examined?

Cavities and other problems in baby teeth can be detected very early by a dentist and treated in a simple non-invasive manner. Tooth problems do not cause pain in children until there is a major infection. A Large visible cavity in a tooth can requires extensive, lengthy treatment or extraction. This can leave your child with a negative dental experience that will have lasting consequences well into adulthood. Recent study revealed that dental infections are the major cause of hospitalisations in children under 15 yrs of age. A dental infection can sometimes be life threatening for a young child.

Why are baby teeth important?

  1. Helps child’s chewing to allow good nutrition for growth and development.
  2. Baby teeth guide and hold the space for the future adult tooth so it can come into the correct position in the mouth.
  3. Premature loss of baby tooth can lead to a bad bite and crowding which leads to future dental problems like tooth wear, decay and gum disease


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