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Example of Porcelain Veneers on Mold Model - Mulgrave Dental Group

Porcelain Veneers

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Close Up of Teeth While Removing Clear Aligner - Mulgrave Dental Group


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Dentist working on All on 4 Mold Set - Mulgrave Dental Group

All On 4

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Woman's Smile Showing Straight, Bright White Teeth after Dental Bonding - Mulgrave Dental Group

Dental Bonding

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3 Teeth on Table Showing Example of Crowns and Bridges - Mulgrave Dental Group

Crown and Bridge

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Close Up of 4 Dental Implants on Tray - Mulgrave Dental Group

Dental Implants

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Close up of Gum Line on Patient Showing Gummy Smile Fix - Mulgrave Dental Group

Gummy Smile Fix

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Patient Undergoing Teeth Whitening Wearing Goggles - Mulgrave Dental Group

Teeth Whitening

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Cosmetic dentistry before & afters

Ceramic veneers
Top 4

Before Shot of Teeth Prior to Ceramic Veneers on Top 4 - Mulgrave Dental Group
After Results of Teeth with Ceramic Veneers on Top 4 - Mulgrave Dental Group

This patient was not happy with the shape of the teeth and old dental bonding was chipping off. The complete result was achieved in 3 visit just under two weeks.

Ceramic veneers
and ceramic crowns

Before Shot of Ceramic Veneers and Ceramic Crowns on Patient - Mulgrave Dental Group
After Results of Ceramic Veneers and Ceramic Crowns on Patient - Mulgrave Dental Group

Due to the heavy grinding of teeth patient has worn out top teeth. The patient wanted to restore the smile. The full mouth reconstruction was done in 5 visits to the dentist in just under two months.

Clear aligner

Before Clear aligner orthodontics treatment at Mulgrave Dental Group
After Aligner Orthodontics Treatment at Mulgrave Dental Group

The patient wanted to straighten the lower front teeth after getting a cosmetic makeover on top front teeth. The complete result was achieved in 4 visits in just under 4 months.

Ceramic veneers

Teeth Before Ceramic Veneers - Mulgrave Dental Group
Teeth After Ceramic Veneers - Mulgrave Dental Group

This patient wanted to improve the appearance of top teeth. The complete result was achieved in 3 visits in just under two weeks.

Ceramic veneers
and ceramic crown

Teeth Before Veneers and Crowns - Mulgrave Dental Group
Patient's Teeth After Veneers and Crowns - Mulgrave Dental Group

The patient wanted to improve the smile cosmetically. The complete result was achieved in 3 visits in just under three weeks.


Patient's teeth Before Braces - Braces Before & After - Mulgrave Dental Group
Patient's teeth After Braces - Braces Before & After - Mulgrave Dental Group

The complete result was achieved in 18 months.

Everything You Need to Know About Cosmetic Dentistry at Mulgrave Dental Group Melbourne

There are many reasons why you might consider cosmetic dental procedures. However, all of these treatments are aimed to help you achieve a flawless smile and boost your self-confidence. Let’s dive into the list of problems we can correct at our dental practice before you can book your appointment today

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Dark or Stained Teeth

A lot of people turn to teeth whitening treatments because of stained teeth. Our Mulgrave Dental Group teeth whitening treatments are highly superior to any over-the-counter whitening product out there. If you prefer porcelain veneers, we will be more than happy to provide them as well.

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Mulgrave Dental Group is located off Monash freeway in the suburb of Mulgrave 20 minutes from Melbourne CBD. Our dentists attend regular training programs and obtain qualifications to provide cosmetic dentistry services at the highest standards. We aim to provide the best cosmetic dentistry in Melbourne using advanced technologies.

Chipped Teeth

‏There are a lot of accidents and injuries which might result in your teeth becoming chipped. Fortunately, with our cosmetic dentistry Melbourne offerings, you don’t need to go through life with imperfect chompers. We can easily fix such issues with dental bonding and porcelain veneers.‏

Crooked Teeth

‏Up until recently, most people thought that braces are the only way to fix crooked teeth. Here at Mulgrave Dental Group, we can also fix mildly crooked teeth with veneers or clear aligners.‏

Cracked or Worn Teeth

If you find yourself with a cracked or worn tooth, don’t lose hope. With a simple crown, we can correct everything and give your tooth a beautiful new look while shielding it against further damage.

Missing Teeth

A missing tooth can be a smile destroyer. Visit our dental clinic to find out what best methods we can employ to restore the glory of your smile. Depending on your particular situation, we can use veneers crowns and bridges to complete your smile. Once we are done, you won’t think twice about grinning each time someone cracks a joke.

Large Gaps

One of the worst cosmetic flaws of all time is having a large gap between your teeth. We have dental treatments that we can employ to correct this disaster. Depending on your unique needs, you can choose between porcelain veneers and dental bonding.


Once your teeth start decaying, you must do everything you can to stop them from worsening. Apart from advising on the best oral hygiene techniques, Mulgrave Dental Group offers tooth-colored fillings that are inconspicuous and won’t ruin your smile the way that silver amalgam can. We also offer root canal treatments that can save your infected teeth instead of removing them.

A Complete Smile Makeover

We know everyone dreams of that red carpet-worthy smile. If you don’t have it yet, we are here to help you get there. With our cosmetic dentistry techniques, we can give your teeth a look that will put a smile on you everyday.

Broken Teeth

Broken teeth not only look bad, but they can also keep you from eating everything you want. Why not book an appointment with us and let us help you restore your teeth to normal function and appearance?

Why Choose Us

We want your visit to our sedation dentistry office to be as brief and comfortable as possible. Therefore, we try to ensure that most dentistry treatments and dental procedures are completed in a single visit. This way, we can make sure that your dental experience doesn’t become part of your bad memories but rather a pleasant and comforting visit.

As a sleep dentistry centre, we can safely take care of your entire family’s oral care needs. Remember, our doors are always open to new patients. Get in touch with our office today to arrange an appointment for a comforting dental experience.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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Payment plans

Mulgrave Dental Group accepts AfterPay, Zip, and Humm payment plans.

Mulgrave Dental Group is in Melbourne’s southeastern suburb Mulgrave. We are located at 47 Wanda Street Mulgrave 3170. If you are traveling by car, take the Wellington Road exit (Northbound or Southbound) on the Monash freeway.

You can access our dental clinic by public transport as well. Please call our friendly team on 03 9562 5156 to find out exact details depends on where you are travelling from.